Brazil derby match ended after 9th red card

A Brazilian derby match between Vitoria and Bahia was abandoned with 11 minutes remaining on Sunday after the hosts had six men sent off in a game marked by a mass punch-up between players from both sides.

The score in the Bahia state championship clash was 1-1 when Bruno Bispo became the ninth player in all, and the fifth from Vitoria, to be shown the red card.

With teams requiring a minimum of seven players, the referee was forced to end the game.

Denilson opened the scoring for Vitoria after 33 minutes but Vinicius levelled with a penalty four minutes into the second half.

He celebrated with a provocative dance in front of the Vitoria supporters, which led to fury from the home players. Vitoria fans and players took exception to the gesture, and goalkeeper Fernando Miguel and others immediately confronted the midfielder, sparking ugly scenes which saw players leave the bench and Vinicius punched in the face

Punches were thrown from both sides and five men were sent off, three from Bahia and two from Vitoria.

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